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Today (well yesterday) marks the beginning of my half marathon training for my second half marathon in April of 2014. I’ve been majorly slacking on my running/exercising. I chose this plan (pictured above) because it starts out slow. All of the plans usually start with 3 mile runs off the bat and I didn’t want to put myself under that pressure making my self “pre-train” before even starting the plan. This one doesn’t, yipee!

Really love that I have my Garmin this time around. It’s going to make tracking my training so much easier. Running devices FTW.

Overall, training is going okay! It was tough to get back out there after not running for awhile and feeling down about myself because of that but I am stoked that I did it and got my act together. Yay, progress!

Plus I’m taking the boy on a date this afternoon after his final which includes some physical activities (will post pics after, don’t want to spoil it because its a surprise and he sometimes reads my blog). Tomorrow we are hiking too which is a good off-day activity to keep my fitness up! Yay relationships benefitting your health. :)

Anyways, got lots to do for my senior project and studying for finals on Thurs./Fri. Hope you all have fantastic Tuesdays!

xo, A :)

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